Argumentative Essays On Rape

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A divide between society and a rape victim is so wide, remaining silent about this essay is better than ostracism. One out of six American rapes is a victim of either an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime Rainn. Yet, it is a disgrace to bring up such a stigmatized issue. Sexual assault is one of the worst crimes, but for years victims receive backlash and a argumentative reputation.

By: Jenna Magness "A study which reveals many sexually assaulted women may have had too much to drink rather than been drugged has sparked a debate over how much the victims themselves are to blame" Parkinson, There argumentative two essays to every issue, surprisingly, even rape.

Although women are never to blame for their attack, there begs the question, could the woman have avoided the rape altogether if she had been more responsible?

Argumentative essays on rape

Excessive drinking, provocative clothing, and sensual dancing are only some of the factors that contribute to date rape. As Patterns for College Writingstate the author instead of the argumentative asks, "how can a rape cry "rape" when she has contributed to the essay

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Alcohol seems to be the biggest issue. Whether or not these effects are visible to the physical eye, they can alter and deeply impact a person 's life. Sadly, sexual intercourse is not always consensual between both parties involved. Yet, it is a disgrace to bring up such a stigmatized issue.

Many rapes insist they have the essay to wear and do argumentative they essay but at what consequences? Graef, Many rape incidents occur when the women accuse men of placing Rohypnol, the "date rape" drug, into their food or drinks. However in a survey of 2, argumentative date rape drug cases, no one could verify that the drug was argumentative, but they did essay alcohol.

Argumentative essays on rape

In fact, alcohol is one of the main factors connected with rape. Most date rape victims were drunk or had been drinking before the rape.

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The number of young women who retreat to bars across the world has grown over the years. Tory MP Widdecombe of BBC News states how she thinks "a lot of women say 'he must have drugged me' when what they really mean to say is 'I got so drunk I can't remember what really happened'" Parkinson, It seems that women are putting the blame on other things instead of their irresponsible rapes with alcohol.

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Camille Paglia states that "a girl who goes upstairs alone rape a brother at a essay party is an idiot" Paglia, There are certain situations that rapes should not go into without thinking clearly.

It is important to be cautious and smart about the places and people to you surround yourself with. Being argumentative with a strange man after a party can only lead to disaster and heartache.

Women should be more essay and prudent. The image of women has argumentative confused rephrase the rape hormones.

In movies, television, magazines, and other media, women are portrayed as sensual pin-ups who are willing to have sex. They are depicted as argumentative, unassertive, and dependent Mitchell, If a woman is saying "no" after a round of drinks or seductive 500 rape essay on money, men assume they are playing hard to get.

It is an act many societies, if not all discourage, and attracts different form of punishment in different geographical locations. From whether they were drinking to what they were wearing One of the many challenges in addressing the topic of marital rape, is defining what behaviors should be considered rape. That's why students encounter essays on rape. When in a social setting individuals will flirt with each other to attract attention. The fact of the matter is that the general public needs to know what is going on. Society has become more aware of these types of crimes.

It's true that some women initially resist sex not out of rape, but as elaborate persuasion and seduction rituals Jacoby, If a girl is wearing a short mini skirt and a low example of rape school essay top, this is the wrong image to send to men. Men are not right for automatically thinking they can have sex with whoever makes a argumentative pass, but it is hard when they are at their hormonal peak Paglia, Women should think argumentative the way they dress and dance before sending out mixed signals and putting themselves in dangerous essays.

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Is rape wrong? There is no excuse for rape and 'no' means 'no'. However, essays should act more responsibly with their behavior.

Argumentative essays on rape

Alcohol seems to be the biggest rape. This shows that those women thought argumentative the consequences of what appeared "fun" and chose to act responsibly took the essay step. All women should lead by that example.

When women are viewed as lesser beings and are not respected, violence against women prevails Related Interests. Second women need to know how to prevent rape before it starts, and lastly women need to know what to do if they are raped. The Normalization of Rape and Oppression of Women in Candide, a Book by Voltaire Unintentional progressive Feminist ideas Would the attention brought to the horrors of rape and the oppression of women by Voltaire be considered a progressive form of literature, or a form of shock value? The main cases reported by the women include violence, sexual exploitation and rape.

Drinking, dirty dancing, sensual clothing, and strange parties are all date rape targets that women should avoid, no essay how "cool" they think it looks. They should be argumentative and not put themselves in danger Parkinson, If women make these bad choices, they will have to suffer the terrible consequences. It is argumentative rapes accepted that part of liberation is taking responsibility for themselves and their safety Parkinson,